Job Details


Engagement Type

Internship leading to full time

Shift Time

3PM to 11PM

Work Location

Hybrid, office for training

Babal.Host is a small friendly team, with a hard-working collaborative startup mentality. We do support one another to help achieve our ultimate goal which is to ensure that we’re able to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We are known for our speed, attention to detail and ability to deliver regardless of how tough the situation is. If you love what we’re doing and are proactive willing to learn and master the ropes – you’re welcomed to apply.

You will be handling live chats and, on occasions, tickets. You will be working shifts (but no overnights).


  • Extensive understanding of cPanel and everything around it.
  • Understanding of the Linux Architecture.
  • Awareness about DNS records.
  • Some Experience debugging PHP/MySQL based websites.
  • Some Experience optimizing sites for performance.
  • Some knowledge of PHP would be a huge benefit.


You will be leading and supervising under “Entry-Level Web Hosting Technical Support” – coordinating with to complete the task together while supporting one another.

This is a full time position with 3 month proabortion period and a contract duration of a year. Close to the end of it, salary review would be done and an updated contract.