Student Growth Opportunity

Welcome, students! At Tyro Soft, we understand the importance of education and the transformative power it holds. Whether you’re exploring educational resources, preparing for exams, or seeking opportunities for growth, Tyro Soft is here to support you on your educational journey.

Learning Programs

1. Leadership Hour:

Our Leadership Hour program is designed to equip students with essential leadership skills. Join this design thinking-based training and mentorship module to enhance your leadership potential and prepare for success in your academic and professional life.

2. ELEVATE Bootcamp:

ELEVATE (Empowering Leaders through Economic Vitality and Advancement in Technology and Education) is a bootcamp aimed at elevating entrepreneurial skills and sustainability knowledge. Participate to develop the skills needed to create a sustainable venture following the triple bottom line dimension.

3. Technothinker to Technopreneur Workshop:

Join the Technothinker to Technopreneur workshop, a design thinking session to create, test, and produce technological solutions that are innovative and elegant. Unleash your creativity and explore the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

Join the Tyro Soft Journey

Tyro Soft is more than just a company; it’s a community committed to empowering students like you. Explore the resources, engage with our learning programs, and join us on a journey of growth and discovery.

Ready to embark on your educational adventure with Tyro Soft? Explore how you can get involved.