Life at TYRO

Welcome to Tyro Soft, where innovation meets a vibrant and supportive work culture. Join us on a journey where you’ll not only contribute to cutting-edge projects but also become a part of a community that values authenticity, growth, and happiness.

Our Workplace

Authenticity in Action

At Tyro Soft, we believe in being true to ourselves and our values. Our workplace is built on a foundation of authenticity, where team members are encouraged to express their ideas, opinions, and creativity openly. We celebrate diversity and understand that each individual brings a unique perspective to the table.

Innovation Hub

As a leading edu-tech company in Nepal, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our workspace is a hub of creativity, where ideas are not just welcomed but encouraged. Be prepared to push the boundaries of what is possible, explore new technologies, and contribute to projects that make a real impact on education and entrepreneurship.

Leadership Development

We recognize that every individual has the potential to be a leader. Tyro Soft fosters an environment that supports leadership behaviors at all levels. Joining us means not just being a part of a company but a community that empowers you to lead, learn, and grow.

Integrity Matters

Operating with honesty, transparency, and ethics is non-negotiable for us. Tyro Soft is a place where accountability, fairness, and professionalism define every interaction. You can trust that your contributions are valued, and your work is making a positive impact on our community.

What We Value

Flexibility & Continuous Learning

Life at Tyro Soft is dynamic. We emphasize the ability to adapt and adjust to changing circumstances and needs. As an employee, you’ll experience a culture of continuous learning, where curiosity and exploration are not just encouraged but celebrated. Our commitment to ongoing personal and professional development ensures that you’re always growing.

Happiness as a Priority

We don’t just work; we create an environment where your well-being is prioritized. Join us, and you’ll be a part of a team that fosters positive relationships, provides opportunities for personal and professional development, and ensures that your work brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Life in Nepal

Tyro Soft is proud to be based in Nepal, a country rich in culture, natural beauty, and warmth. Our office reflects the spirit of Nepal, and our team embodies the hospitality and friendliness that make this country special.

Community Engagement

Beyond the office, we engage with communities across Nepal. Tyro Soft has covered 66 districts through training, workshops, and IT services, making a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands.

Work-Life Balance

Nepal offers a unique blend of bustling urban life and serene natural landscapes. At Tyro Soft, we understand the importance of work-life balance, and our location allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Join Us

Ready to be a part of a company that values authenticity, innovation, and community? Explore our current job openings and embark on a rewarding journey with Tyro Soft.