Sujan Shrestha

Co-Founder, Technology Director

Sujan Shrestha is a software professional with over a decade of experience in building microservices using the 12-Factor Approach, cloud-based platforms such as GCP, Azure, PCF, and DigitalOcean, and securing high traffic websites using Cloudflare. He has hands-on experience working with SPA using Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, Flask, and Spring Boot. Sujan is proficient in multiple programming languages such as Ruby, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and TypeScript and has experience with SQL/NoSQL databases. He has taken on lead roles, participated in the design and implementation of cloud-native solutions using Java, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Kafka, PCF, and SQL Server. Sujan has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA.